“My Neck Dey Pain Oooooh!!” – Davido Cries Out Over The Weight Of Timeless Diamond Pendant

Davido cries out over weight of newly acquired Diamond pendant

Timeless,” released in 2023, has garnered immense praise from critics and has achieved remarkable commercial success. The album features several chart-topping singles, including “Unavailable,” “No Competition,” and “Na Money.” As streaming numbers continue to soar, surpassing the remarkable milestone of 1 billion across various streaming platforms, the album’s popularity shows no signs of waning.

Shortly after acquiring the highly coveted necklace, Davido took to his social media platforms to reveal the unexpected onset of neck pain that he believes is related to the weighty ornament. Concerned fans flooded the comments section of his post, sharing their thoughts and demonstrating their unwavering support for the acclaimed artist.

One of his supporters, ma_eskovar_, commented on Davido’s post, highlighting the costliness of the necklace and drawing comparisons to other artists’ accessories, such as Wizkid’s and Drake’s. mikkytorino, another fan, recognized that those who criticize the musician must have their own personal struggles. This sentiment was echoed by sabitalk1, who playfully suggested that Davido should consider selling the pendant and using the funds to contribute to a giveaway event. 

Acknowledging the potential risks associated with wearing such a lavish piece, el_crystalz jokingly mentioned the possibility of developing heart problems from leaping off a step while adorned with the hefty necklace. Meanwhile, successfull_loner humorously suggested that Davido should be awarded the title of “neck heavyweight champion” due to the necklace’s weight. cassi_emama expressed a light-hearted plea, hoping that if her neck ever becomes heavy, it would result from wearing a similar extravagant accessory rather than carrying firewood.

As fans continue to rally around Davido during this time, it’s important to remember that wearing large and elaborate necklaces can indeed lead to physical discomfort. The weight and strain put on the neck can cause discomfort, tension, and potentially even muscular pain. It is crucial for individuals, especially those with pre-existing neck or spinal conditions, to be mindful of this when accessorizing and take necessary precautions to ensure their well-being.

In conclusion, Davido’s vocalization of his neck pain stemming from his ‘Timeless’ diamond pendant has sparked conversations amongst his fans and followers. The support shown by his devoted admirers demonstrates the genuine care they have for his well-being. While the luxurious necklace serves as a symbol of the artist’s success and personal style, its weight has unfortunately caused discomfort. As Davido navigates this challenge, it is crucial that he, and others who wear similar accessories, prioritize their health and take necessary measures to mitigate any potential risks associated with such extravagant fashion choices.

Written by Ani